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National Call-In Day Today, Factory Farmers Are Hiding the Truth About Swine CAFOs, Ag-Gag, Monsanto/Government employees

Today is national call in day to tell Walmart to protect its customers from Monsanto’s genetically engineered sweet corn.  Take a few minutes to do this today!  Due to the thousands of calls you may be on hold for a bit, but please stay on hold and make your voice count. Action Alert: National Call-in to Fight […]

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FDA allows the use of antibiotics in food animals

Here is the break down.  The FDA released a Withdrawl of Notices of Opportunity for Hearing (NOOH) on December 22 for “Penicillin and Tetracycline used in animal feed.  What it says is this: In 1977 the FDA decided to not allow certain uses of antibiotics in food grade animals because research that started in Britain in 1969, and […]

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