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Monsanto GE Bees!!!

Monsanto bought the company  Beeologics last year.  This small company has made advancements in genetically engineering bees.  They have a patent pending on there products, Remembee, which is shown to successfully help bees fight disease and help in the fight against CCD. As one avid bee lover put it ” GE bee-foods (Remebee & RemebeePro), are being pushed by the […]

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A new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

The USDA recently released a new zone map and it seems that zones are moving upward.  They have even added two new zones to this map.  This seems suggestive of global warming however the USDA is not claiming that.  What ever the case, you might look at planting earlier in the coming years and also planting varieties […]

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Southern SAWG – 2012 Conference Program

I just got back from the Southern SAWG – 2012 Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It was an amazing conference!  There were many amazing speakers that were able to share about the multiple projects that are being done around the nation. Here are just a few of the things that people are doing and were able to […]

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GMO Film Project

This film was inspired by learning that Monsanto sent 475 tons of Hybrid corn and vegetable seed to Haitian farmers after the earthquake and the Haitian farmers burned the seed.  If these people who are in dire need are so quick to burn this mass amount of “food,” shouldn’t it make us question what they […]

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Farm Bill 2012


A piece by cartoonist Phil Hand from the Wisconsin State Journal

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Planting seed….it has been done forever!  Seeds are amazing tiny things.  They give us nutrients, oils, colors, plants, knowledge and so much more.  Seeds, humble, modest, overlooked, are constantly, quietly exploding into beautiful amazing life all around us.  Go through out your day thinking of how you encounter seeds in most everything around you.  If it was not for seeds, life would look nothing […]

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