Spider Whisp Seed

Planting seed….it has been done forever!  Seeds are amazing tiny things.  They give us nutrients, oils, colors, plants, knowledge and so much more.  Seeds, humble, modest, overlooked, are constantly, quietly exploding into beautiful amazing life all around us.  Go through out your day thinking of how you encounter seeds in most everything around you.  If it was not for seeds, life would look nothing like we know it to be.  Yet we generally no longer treasure seed and steward seed the way we used to.  What are the consequences of this lack of stewardship?  When will we see the consequences?There are now multiple organizations that are storing seeds in multi-acre, underground, seed banks in preparation for some sort of collapse where seeds will no longer be easily accessible.  Why do we need to hoard seeds when part of a plant’s life cycle is to share its seeds with us?  When and why did saving seed become a necessary precaution? 

Fireweed Seed

There are many species of plants that are now extinct.  Around 5,000 species of apples in the United States alone have disappear in just the last century.  The agriculture system in this country is moving so quickly to produce as much food as possible that the wrong choices are being made for the future of seeds and therefore the future of much, much, more.  It’s crucial for us to learn for ourselves, to stay educated, and to help others to understand what is going on with our food system before it’s too late.  Let’s start asking questions and getting answers.

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